What to Expect


Nestled in the majestic Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina, this sprawling 150-acre camp quietly awaits, inviting all who need to escape from their grown up responsibilities and just have fun. 

  • Thrills, chills and activities galore to share with your friends and family

  • Five days and four nights run away from Adulthood 

  • Sleep the night away breathing fresh mountain air in your twin bunk

  • Get three daily meals – breakfast, lunch and dinner and let’s not forget Happy Hour!

  • Pick from Camp BIG’s choice of Activities of the Day, what you want and when you want it. There are no counselors here!

  •  Enjoy wine and beer you can drink each evening.  We want everyone to enjoy the party!

  •  Campfires, music, singing and moonlit nights with so much fresh mountain air. Oh yeah, let’s not forget, the molten, melted gooey graham crackers, chocolate and marshmallow treats— S’mores, yum!
  • Your very own “Camp Big” T-shirt. We encourage you to wear it when you are back home

  •  The most fabulous fun-filled time with strangers you will ever have!