I request to be allowed to participate in Camp Big (herein referred to as “Camp”) and the Program of Activities and the program of activities.

I understand that animals due to the size and unpredictability, are inherently dangerous. They can and will, do unpredictable things that are completely out of control of the Camp Staff. The Camp Staff has no way to predict or prevent such occurrences.

Camp Big, Inc. and Holston Presbyterian Camp Inc. have the rights to use all photography and videography for publications, website (s), award entries and any type of promotional materials.

Waiver of Liability: I waive and release any right I, my heirs, distributes, guardians, legal representatives, and assigns may have or ac- quire to make a claim, sue, attach the property of, or prosecute volunteers or employees, officers, directors of Camp Big, Inc. and Holston Presbyterian Camp. Inc. or paid and volunteer staff, of affiliated organizations including vendors or service providers and those affiliated organizations (hereinafter referred to as “the releases”) for monetary damages caused by injury to myself arising from my participation in the activities and use of the facilities and property at Camp, whether or not the injury or damage results from the negligent acts or omissions, except intentional acts, of any of the releases.

Indemnify Agreement: I agree to indemnify myself and hold the releases harmless from any loss, liability, damage, or cost, including reasonable attorney fees, that may occur to my participation in the activities and use of the facilities whether or not such loss, liability, dam- age, or cost results from the negligence or other action, except intentional acts, or any of the releases.

I acknowledge that participation in the activity, games, trips at or sponsored by Holston Presbyterian Camp, Inc. And Camp Big, Inc. involves risk to the Participant/Camper and may result in various types of injury including , but not limited to, the following: sickness, bodily injury, death, emotional injury, personal injury, property damage and financial damage.

In consideration for the opportunity to participate in the activity described above (the “Activity”), the Participant/Camper acknowledges and accepts the risks of injury associated with participation in and transportation to and from the Activity. The Participant/Camper accepts personal financial responsibility for any injury or otherwise loss sustained during the Activity or during transportation to and from the activity, as well as, for any medical treatment rendered to the Participant/Camper that is authorized by the Sponsor or its agents, employees, volunteers, or any other representatives (collectively referred to hereinafter as the “Activity Sponsor” ). Further, the Participant/ Camper releases and promises to indemnify, defend, and hold harmless the Activity Sponsor for any injury arising directly or indirectly out of the described Activity or transportation to and from the Activity, whether such injury arises out of the negligence of the Activity Sponsor, the Participant, or otherwise.

I agree to pay all registration fees.

I understand that COVID- 19 is highly contagious and will not hold Camp Big, Inc. or Holston Presbyterian Camp Inc. responsible if either myself or any family member contract the virus.

If for any reason my Camp session is canceled, I agree to accept the session fee only that I have paid. All other costs including airfare will be incurred by me.

If a dispute over this agreement or any claim for damages arises, the Participant agrees to resolve the matter through a mutually acceptable alternative dispute resolution process. If the Participant and the Activity Sponsor cannot agree upon such a process, the dispute will be submitted to a three-member arbitration panel for resolution pursuant to the rules of the American Arbitration Association.

I have carefully read this agreement and fully understand its contents. I am aware the agreement included a Waiver of Liability, Indemnity, cancelation fee and by clicking the "I accept" of my own fee will.