Spend the Weekend with Chef Ben Robinson

At Camp Big’s Exclusive Inaugural Session “Mind, Body & Ben”

If you’re getting excited for what you know is going to be a good time at Camp Big—we hope you’re sitting down—because boy, do we have news for you!

As if camp wasn’t going to be amazing enough, now you’ll share your getaway with the super-talented, super-handsome Master Chef Ben Robinson of reality TV fame.

That’s right, you know the guy. The one, who’s cooking up not only delicious—but gorgeous cuisine in the mega-yacht galleys featured on Bravo TV’s hit series Below Deck and Below Deck Mediterranean.

Chef Ben’s done such beautiful work on the water, we thought, “Hey, perhaps we can get him on land and into our kitchen where he can create an unforgettable demonstration for his fans.

Here’s how “Mind, Body & Ben” Will Go:

Friday, Sept 13th: Happy Hour Meet & Greet: It’s all about you getting to know Ben, and Ben getting to know you. What could be better than meeting & greeting with wine (or beer) in hand, sipping, enjoying while exchanging the latest and greatest tips and tricks of the trade?

Saturday, Sept 14: Who wants to take Chef Ben home? We bet there are plenty of you who do. That’s why we have 60 minutes for you to grab your very own Chef Ben apron and let him sign it for you. What? An APRON SIGNING PARTY? That’s right. And it stars the one, the only Chef Ben Robinson. We bet if you ask really nice, Chef just might let you take some selfies with him!

Sunday, Sept 15th: And now, comes the even best stuff yet! Can you say, “Demo, please?” Oh, yes, you, can! And Chef Ben aims to please. So, gather ‘round and watch the master at work. Yum! And from what we were told–nobody ought to miss this–it’s a winner.

There’s only one thing you really do need to know: Ben’s popularity is selling out the camp pretty darn quickly, so if you’d like to be a part of this special session, act now! Because now is the time to hop on deck before you miss the proverbial boat!

Want to know more? Visit CampBigforAdults.com and register today!

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