Look Who’s Coming to Camp Big … George Orr & the Hot Rod Band

Who’s George Orr? And what’s a “Hot Rod” Band?

George Orr AKA "Hot Rod"

We’ll give you a hint or two. Okay, here goes. He looks like Rod Stewart. He moves like Rod Stewart. He even sings like Rod Stewart … but he’s not Rod Stewart. His name is George Orr. He is a super talented Rod Stewart impersonator—so, if you’re a Rod Stewart fan—than you’re in for a treat because George is really that good and so is his band. And they’ll be performing live at Camp Big on Saturday night, (September 14) at their first ever Outrageous ’70s party.

“Get ready to have fun,” Rod Stewart Impersonator George Orr tells me to relay to his upcoming Camp Big audience. “My gigs run between two and three hours and I don’t take breaks. In between songs, I like to joke around, tell stories and talk with the people in the audience.”

Of course, he does—Orr has plenty to talk about. Not only is he a successful singer, an accomplished painter and an awesome photographer but he’s also a member of the Marshall Arts Hall of Fame, having achieved black belt status in Judo, Kendo, Eagle Claw Kung Fu and a 5th degree black belt in Jujitsu. Who knows, perhaps he’ll pause the concert to teach an impromptu Marshall Arts class … with George, you never know.

From the moment he gets onstage until the last word of his final song, he gives 100% of himself. Orr, the consummate showman, has been performing for as long as he can remember. It all began when he was a “wee lad” in Scotland. “I played bagpipes as a child,” he recalls. “Then, at 17, I was in a jazz band in Paris.”

As talented a musician as he is, there’s much more to Mr. Orr. When he first realized that music was not going to be his initial vocation, he started taking behind the scenes photos—and the magazines loved them—and so, a career began. He shot for many magazines in Spain and worked as a reporter in Ibiza before moving to America in the early ’80s, where he shot for the National Enquirer until …

Someone told him that he looked like Rod Stewart and asked him if he could sing. “I said, ‘yes,’” Orr remembers, “and then he told me about the look alike industry here in America. I played my first gig as a Rod Stewart impersonator on New Year’s Eve in the year 2000.” The rest is history.

For the past 19 years, George Orr and the Hot Rod Band have been “playing tribute” to one of the most amazing performers of our time. Currently living in South Florida, he and the band gig regularly on weekdays; Saturdays remain open for special bookings. His rich career has taken him all over. This year, he’ll play New York, Canada and of course, North Carolina, so like George said, “Get ready to have fun.” More fun than you could ever imagine.

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