Feeling Adventurous?

Does the thought of strapping up, climbing up above the treetops and thrusting yourself off of a platform high in the sky to go careening through the air riding on a single cable, not stopping until you reach your final destination sound exciting to you? If your answer is “yes”, read on.

Those in the know already understand the thrill; those who’ve yet to try are about to learn about this adrenaline-pumping pastime—Ziplining.

Once used as a means of transportation over pristine terrain many years ago, ziplining has become a recreational activity, ideal for thrill seekers and lovers of beauty all over the world. From South Florida to Northern California, Costa Rica to Abu Dhabi, more zipline tours and parks are popping up practically every day. Some places offer guided canopy or other tours, where trained professionals lead you on your adventure, while parks may allow their clients to zipline on their own (self-guided tours). Depending on your experience, confidence level and what your level of thrill seeking is, you’ll know which—if any—is the one for you!

Imagine sailing from point A to point B—from the tree-tops to a clearing below, the top of a tall building down to the ground or horizontally, from tree-top to tree-top or from the side of one mountain to the next mountain to the next—all the while looking out over green fields, lush forests, sparkling lakes and other breath-taking sights. Sounds exciting, doesn’t it? Camp Big offers three lines: one over the lake and two in the woods. Ziplining is just one of the amazing adventure activities offered at the adult summer camp. Full of stunning natural settings, you’ll feel as free as the wind while watching nature’s beauty whiz by! Visit Camp Big to sign up for camp.

Want to know more? Here are a few facts—some fun, some useful—but all “trivia worthy:

· The US state with the most commercial ziplines is North Carolina with 24

· The only two US states that do not have commercial ziplines

· While there is no one correct answer, general consensus believes that to safely zipline, riders should weigh no less than 50 pounds and no more than 275

· Ziplines are a big moneymaker in Costa Rica. They generate $120 million annually

· The fastest zipline in the world hits speeds of 100 mph – whoa, that’s fast!

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