Do you Have the Eye for Tie-Dye?

When you think of summer camp, what comes to mind? Colorwar … Kickball … Swimming in the lake? What if you’re not the athletic type? Then, more likely, you’re thinking about arts ‘n’ crafts … storytelling around the campfire and—tie-dye! Who didn’t love tie-dying? Actually, who doesn’t love tie-dye! Making tie-dyed tees, shorts, tank tops, socks, pillow case, pajamas … waiting to see how they turn out … and then wearing what you made. Love it.

Do you remember how? Just in case you’re a little rusty, let’s refresh the ol’ memory!

Step 1 – Wash your item.

Step 2 – Pull it from the washer (it should still be wet, or at least, damp). It’s time to prep for dying.

Step 3 – Twist, fold, knot and bind your item into sections with rubber bands. If you want to check out some cool tie-dye techniques, check out

Step 4 – Mix up your dyes. The more colors you have, the more fun it is. Rit is one of the oldest, most preferred and well-known dye brands available to the public; Tulip is another cool brand. Use squeeze bottles for convenience and ease.

Step 5 – Squeeze dyes all over the different sections of your item. Do as many or as few as you wish. Remember to turn the item over to dye both sides (unless you want the color to stay as it originally was).

Step 6 – Cover with plastic for (8) hours. The plastic keeps the item from drying while the dye sets. For brighter colors, keep covered longer.

Tips for top-notch Tie-Dyes

· Use cotton or silk for the best results. Why? Because they’re natural fibers

· Don’t use manmade fibers because they don’t hold the dye well

· Each tie-dyed item is a statement piece – wear it with solid colors to show it off

· From the ‘60s through present day, tie-dye has always been a part of the fashion world

· Washing the fabric before you dye helps to remove “sizing”, a product that keeps the item wrinkle-free and stiff

· You can tie-dye a fabric even when it’s dry

· If you get dye on your hands, use Lava Soap to remove it. Otherwise, it’ll wear off in time

· Wash your newly tie-dyed item in cold water on the delicate cycle. Hot water will make the dye run causing the item to fade

· Tie-dying is so much fun! Do it alone or with friends. If you’re looking something fun and creative to do, throw a BYOI (Bring Your Own Item) Tie-Dye Party

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