Archery at Camp Big

Did you know:

1. After The Hunger Games came out in 2012, archery’s popularity skyrocketed because of the movie’s heroine, Katniss Everdeen (played by Jennifer Lawrence), whose weapon of choice when fighting for her life was a bow and arrow.

2. Archery became a medal sport at the 1960 US Paralympics. To qualify, competitors (men or women) must have lost or amputated limbs, spinal cord or traumatic brain injury.

3. Another name for an archer is a toxophilite, which was taken from the Greek words for

“lover of the bow."

4. There are five kinds of archery: Target, Field, 3D, Traditional and Bowhunting. Each is a bit different and enables everyone to find a style that suit their taste and needs.

5. Camp Big offers traditional archery as one of its activities for adults in a beautiful outdoor area. This summer camp for adults only offers campers the chance to shoot and practice daily. Are you a beginner? No worries. If you know how to have fun and enjoy yourself, then you’ll do great. Really a fan? Perhaps you can request some special targets. Or ask to shoot in the forest. And for serious archers … what? A tournament you say? The folks at Camp big always aim to please, so simply ask … you can bet they’ll arrange the most amazing event you’ve ever seen (after all, the founder of Camp Big—Stacy Stern—is a CSEP (Certified Special Event Professional). If anyone can get the job done right, it’s her!

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