10 Good Reasons to go Adult Summer Camp …

Updated: Aug 1, 2019

No decisions to make—while you’re a camper they’re pretty much all made for you!

No need to pack—or wear—dressy clothing or make-up (unless you want to). The idea is to be chill.

No pressure. You can do what you like, when you like, with whom you like … or not!

No reservations necessary. Breakfast, lunch and dinner—we got you covered.

No counselors. Seriously, there are no counselors! You are the boss of you!

No chance of getting in trouble if you raid the boys/girls’ bunk. Who’s going to stop you? (see reason above).

No driving. This is good for many reasons including wine and beer.

No cooking. Except for s’mores. Everyone’s responsible for making and eating their own while sitting around the campfire—YUM!

No kids. That’s why it’s “summer camp for adults only”. Now THAT’S a vacation.

No place like camp. That’s right—there’s no place better to make so many amazing memories.

Sound like your kind of vacation? Visit CampBigforAdults.com for more information.

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